McCollum Twins | Newborn | February 2014 | Denver CO

To say I am now addicted to twin photoshoots is a bit of an understatement! These babies were SOOOO GOOOOD! I was fully prepared for the worst and never having done a twin newborn shoot I was going in optimistic but fully aware of how newbies in front of my camera have behaved in the past. These babies were amazing. Like....amazing. Slept, ate, slept, peed (on my should and my assistants hand) and then slept some more. Wow. Loved them! I was so honored to take these pictures! Newborns are such a blessing and for me to get to share in that is a feeling not many understand. Welcome to the world sweet Rileigh and Grayson...I cannot wait to watch you two grow up!

Patrick | Newborn | February 2014 | Denver CO

Oh sweet Patrick...what fun it was to photograph you! You are going to be so so loved by all the amazing women in your life! You have an awesome, gorgeous, Bronco loving mama and two adorable, fun and protective sisters to look after you. What a fun shoot this was! Welcome to the world sweet boy!!

Chandler Maternity | January 2014 | Denver CO

One of my favorite things about taking pictures is getting to watch how life changes for people. I get to watch people fall in love, create life, vow eternity and hold one another in their hearts. This little, soon to be family of 3 was so much fun to shoot! It was cold and windy and I asked them to do some pretty death defying stunts (climbing in mud on a steep hill) and they did it all without hesitation or complaint. I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy and wish them an amazing next couple of weeks as a as you know it is about to change. :-)

Charlotte | January 2014 | Denver CO | Newborn

Charlotte was my first newbie of this new year and what a way to start! She is just the most beautiful little thing and so very loved! I went to her house for her shoot and it was so perfect. We got some amazing shots of the family and even their dog Walter joined in! I must say though, my favorites are how much Charlottes parents love the Broncos so naturally we had to incorporate some of their gear! I was thrilled to be apart of this amazing time in their lives and cannot wait to watch this gorgeous family grow.