Triple the babies, Triple the Fun! | Newborn | Denver CO | 2019

   Triple the love...that is going on here! These brand new parents to these three babies were amazing to photograph! For first time parents they were calm, relaxed and happy to watch the littles sleep and be cute. I have done quite a few twins shoots but triplets...never. I was slightly nervous before the shoot but once we got going it was a dream come true to photograph this new family. Two girls and one little boy completed this family of 5 instantly and it was beyond my honor to capture them! 


Miller Family | Leah 1 Year Cake Smash | Larkspur CO | 2019

     Oh goodness I adore photographing this family! I got to photograph Leah when she was a newborn and now to see her a whole year old is just amazing! Leah LOOOOVED her cake and didn't waste any time diving in to eat it which was so cute. I love seeing how families have evolved after adding a baby and this family is nothing short of incredible. Enjoy a peek into our session!

Christopher | Newborn | 2019 | Denver CO

     Sweet Christopher came to see me at just 10 days new! He brought his 2 older brothers and the way they hold and loved him melted my heart. All three boys have the strongest, most beautiful and amazing mom in the world and having them in my studio was such a blessing.
     Christopher slept through the entire session and got to show off his amazing head of dark brown hair. Such a handsome sweet pea.
     Enjoy a peek into our session!

Its a girl! Davis Gender Reveal

    Many people don't know this but I am not only a photographer...I am a master secret keeper. Yah. I keep LOTS of secrets for LOTS of people. I have known people were pregnant before their own mothers! I know the genders of babies before grandpas! I know about surprise proposals and wedding dates and family secrets and every secret I am told...I keep. I am the gate keeper of proper timing and the time keeper of important dates. I am told amazing news and its stays with me on lock down until the right time.
     This secret is a very special one. Going through so much to create a life before actually creating a life is hard to imagine but so much more special when that life finally exists. Knowing you are finally going to be parents to a beautiful baby girl. Keeping that secret from everyone...but me. I can't wait to capture this adventure.

Sloan | Newborn | 2019

     Sweet Sloan came to see me with her mom, dad and older brother and it was so much fun! Sloan LOVED snuggling with her brother and I was all smiles that I got to capture them together. Sloans mom loves the color blue and brought the prettiest little romper for her to wear. Enjoy a peek into our session!