Luke | Newborn Portraits | Studio | Larkspur CO | 2017

   Sweet little Luke came to see me in my studio and brought his mom, dad and older brother Liam. I did little Liam's newborn pictures and have been documenting this families big moments for over 2 years now and it's been so much fun! Luke looks JUST like big brother Liam! They have the same nose, hair and lips for sure! I love when I look through my lens and see similarities in siblings like this! 
     Luke slept like a champ and we got though so many poses with him! My favorites are the ones with him wrapped up with his feet sticking out! I love baby feet!!! When it came time for big brother Liam to get some pictures with Luke he wasn't super excited (as most 2 years olds are) but when mom and dad were holding his new baby brother then his loving feelings came out and he gave a couple of adorable kisses! 
    Enjoy a peek into our session! 

Legend | Newborn Portraits | Studio | Larkspur CO | 2017

     Oh man...when Legend and her family showed up for her newborn session my face looked like that emoji with the hearts in its eyes....I was a happy girl! Legend is the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad showed up in amazing outfits with some epic props! The theme of their shoot was boho and mom brought the most beautiful teepee and headbands for sweet Legend to wear!  We were lucky enough that it was nice outside so we did our family pictures outside of my studio and they turned out adorable. This family loves each other so deeply it was just a happy time for me to be around them! 
     I have had the honor of photographing this family for a couple of years now and this is the second baby I have captured and It is so amazing to watch families grow and evolve. Enjoy a peek into our session!

Everick | Newborn Portraits | Studio | Larkspur CO | 2017

     Everick came to see me with his family and he was suuuuuuch a good baby! He slept through his WHOLE session! The only exception was when he got to do some pics with his older brother and he was wide awake, ready to play with the big boys! 
     When Everick was awake I noticed he has the most beautiful blue eyes! They are like looking into the ocean! He is a lucky boy...he got his blue eyes from his gorgeous mama. 
     I sooooo enjoyed this session and hope you enjoy a peek into our time together! 

Byre Family | Family Portraits | Larkspur CO | 2016

     This amazing family came to see me just days before they made a HUGE family decision to move out the the country! They up and moved to Saudi Arabia for a job relocation and I could not be more excited for them! Life is too short to not take adventures! 
     They met me in Larkspur at an open space near my house with huge trees and we had a little bit of snow at the time. The sun that comes in this spot is stunning and this family made it even more beautiful with their smiles! Enjoy a peek into our session!!!