Tiberius | Newborn | Summer 2016 | Denver CO | Studio

      Tiberius and his older sister Athena visited me at my studio for some newborn pictures and it was such a fun session! Athena loves her new little brother and it was adorable watching her kiss his little head when I asked her to. I did Athena's newborn pictures and getting to do pictures for another baby is such an honor and blessing for me! Tiberius was the perfect little model for me and I loved getting to cuddle him.

Charlotte | Newborn | Lifestyle | Littleton Colorado | 2016

      Sweet Charlotte was born to an amazing mom and dad. I know this because I know them both and love them both dearly. Charlotte's mama, Heather,  is my longest friend I have ever had! We were in Brownies (the group BEFORE Girl Scouts) together! I really hope that didnt just date me :-) Heather and I were buddies in high school...Heather was always my biggest fan at my basketball games and I tried to be there for Heather when she had heath issues. High school can be a dark time for teenage girls...but Heather was ALWAYS my ray of light. Always the positive one, always the happy one, always the fighter. Fast forward 16 years and Heather is being blessed with one of Gods greatest blessings and I could not be more happy and proud of her. Charlotte's dad, Charlie, he is one amazing guy. Heather and Charlie have been together longer than anyone I know and make one awesome team. 
      We did Charlotte's newborn session in her nursery which is decorated beautifully in black, aqua and off white. Just holding Charlotte made my heart happy. She slept and ate and did an amazing first photo session. She is such a little beauty and I loved every snuggle I got from her. 
      Watching friends whom I have known my entire life grow up, get married, have babies, be ADULTS...it blows my mind. Being able to say I have known someone for most of their life is a pretty awesome thing...a rare thing. It is not something I take for granted and I cannot wait to watch and be apart of the next part of Heather, Charlie and Charlotte's lives. 

"B" Family | Denver Colorado | Family Photography | 2016

Oh this sweet sweet family was so much fun to work with! We met early morning at a little park in downtown Denver, where the flowers were in full bloom and the smiles were in full supply! Little Nathan just turned One and his mama made the cutest chalkboard with info about the sweet little guy! I got to witness them snuggling and hugging and giving each other kisses...it was an amazing session! 

Riley | Newborn | Studio | Denver CO | www.staceyjamesphotography.com

      Sweet Riley came to my studio with her mom, dad and older sister Claire. I have been doing pictures for this family for a while now and its always so much fun when there is a new baby! Claire is going to be such an amazing big sister to Riley! Claire got to hold her new baby sister, and lay down next to her...it was so cute! 
      Riley slept the entire session and let me get some really great shots of her! It is an honor this family chose me to document their lives and for that I am grateful. 

Laura & Josh's Wedding | Lower Lake Ranch | Colorado | June 23, 2016

      The first time I met Laura was at a Starbucks on Broadway in downtown Denver. I sat with Laura and her cousin and my good friend and fellow photographer, Rebecca, in a little table to go over the details of the wedding! The first thing I noticed about Laura was her stunning beauty. This girl is naturally gorgeous! The second thing I noticed is her absolute awesome personality and love for her family. Laura stated her wedding would be full of all of the things she loves...family, friends and a gorgeous place in the mountains. We talked details of the day as well as details of her life...This is when I learned Laura had just lost her father. I had no words when she told me this. To walk down the aisle without your father.......no words. This is when I also learned Laura is one of the strongest people I have ever had met. Laura knew her dad would be watching over her and had nothing but happy memories to carry her forward. 
      The day of Laura and Josh's wedding arrived and I drove to Lower Lake Ranch in Conifer Colorado. This little gem of a venue is amazing! I pulled up to a little cabin overlooking the lake and all the girls were getting dressed. Laura was getting her hair done with a beautiful wreath of flowers and the bridesmaids were all giggling, putting on makeup and having a fun time. There were no signs of stress or nervousness to be found. Everyone was happy. Laura put on her gorgeous gown with the help of her mother and 3 older sisters and she was glowing! 
      I then walked over to the cabin where the guys were getting ready and it was the same atmosphere...calm, happy and fun. This is when I met Josh for the first time. The guys were ironing their shirts, putting on their teal suspenders and trying desperately to figure out which side of their jackets the boutonnière went on. I laughed hard at that one until I realized I had no idea either. Nice. 
     We walked down to the reception area which was green grass with beautiful evergreen trees in the background and a babbling brook which you could listen to forever. All of the guests arrived and were seated. Josh and the bridal party took their places then Laura came into view. My favorite part of any wedding is watching the groom see his bride for the first time. Tears started rolling down Josh's face as Laura walked toward him. His sweet emotions were enough to make the entire audience, me included, tear up. This was the first time I had seen the two together and I could FEEL the love they have radiating off one another. The ceremony was beautiful. There was a little table to the side with Laura's fathers picture. He was there. 
      The rest of the afternoon was a blur of hugs, smiles and laughing. When it came time for the first dance Josh and Laura floated across the floor, hugging each other tightly. The next dance Laura, her sisters and mother all took a turn dancing with the bride. The emotions, again, were beautifully sad yet happy. 
      Laura and Josh are so loved by so many people and it showed at their wedding. The amount of love they give back is incredible as well. There will be many adventures ahead for these two awesome people and I wish them only a lifetime of love, laughter and smiles.