Pink frosting, Pearl Necklaces, A barn and Mason

I had an absolute blast with these kiddos! How cute that Madison and Sara have had their birthdays documented every year! They are the big 3 while little guy Mason just turned One! I loved how they devoured the cupcakes and got the frosting everywhere! Madison and Sara ran around everywhere holding hands and giggling just like best friends do and Mason just wanted to eat cupcakes. :-) I cannot wait to watch these three kiddos grow up!!

The {W} Family

This shoot with this gorgeous family is def one of my top 5 favorites! These outfits, the sunlight and location, the smiles I got from these adorable kiddos and what a stunning couple!!! I had so much fun...SOOOO much fun with them! We explored the tall grass and the abandoned barn, we watched the wildlife run around us and the sun rising was just divine!!! I loved every second of this shoot!

Jessica {Maternity}

Jessica is expecting baby #2 and soon to be big brother Carter is just the cutest thing! We had so much fun just walking around the gorgeous garden where we had our session and Jessica is the cutest prego ever! I loved watching mama and lil dude snuggle on each other...such precious moments.

The {C} Family

This family is why I do photography. I love capturing the love families share, and this family is just amazing. These kiddos are so well behaved and loved to hug each other and have the cutest smiles! I so enjoyed spending time with them and cannot wait to watch them grow together!

Fairy Princess {Jadyn}

      When I look at moms of little girls I still get slightly jealous. I have two handsome, healthy and wonderful little boys that I love with all my heart. But I know I will always feel the heart tug of never having a daughter. The hubs and I have decided we do not want anymore kids so no, "trying for that girl" is not going to happen :-) We feel our family is complete and quite honestly these two boys have made me lose my mind and I cannot imagine having a third. Lets take this time to applaud all the moms out there by the way. So needless to say, I will never know what it feels like to have a daughter. I will never have that bond and friendship. I will never go prom dress shopping. I will never watch my grandchildren through the eyes of a daughter. My mom is my best friend in the whole wide world. My life. My heart. I will never have that.


      I do get to raise my boys to respect women. To open car doors and say "yes ma'am." I get to guide them on dating the right girls and how to be kind. I get to go to soccer and football games, and play with cars and trucks and dirt and boogers. I get to be the mom that has two amazing boys that will someday grow up to be men and do great things on this earth. There are many things I get to do with my boys that will be amazing. God gave me boys for a reason I know this for sure.

     So to quench that ache of never having a daughter, I get to do the second best thing. Photograph and dress up everyone else's! I had so much fun with Jadyn and holy moly is she gorgeous! I was blown away at how fierce she was for me! Look out world...this girl is going places! I didn't even have to tell her how to move or pose she just did it! She even had great ideas on how to use the props. She is a natural that is for sure. And lucky me...her mama said I can "borrow" her anytime for pics! Yay!!

     I am super excited to offer Fairy Princess mini sessions to my clients! These will be a fun way to play dress up and document it at the same time! Contact me for the dates and times I have available!