Alisha & Nick | Engagement Session {with some of my wandering thoughts mixed in}

I had such a great time taking these photos of this awesome couple! We went to Red Rocks and hiked...yes hiked around to find some amazing spots! We finished just in time for the "global dance fest" (aka college kid rave fest) so that was interesting to watch :-) Alisha had mentioned she liked a more "artistic" look for her pics and I had a BLAST playing around and creating new colors and styles to my images. This got me thinking about some things. Where does the "artistic" and "commercial" line cross? I have been struggling with this for a couple months now and I think all "artists" do. We see others work and think, "my work should look like that!," or we get stuck in a style that may be deemed safe for those standard Saturday afternoon family sessions because we are too afraid to try something new. This is a gray area for the creative mind when you are a "business" and brand yourself to a certain style. So what is all my wandering complaining about you ask? Creativity. Feeling free enough to take chances on something different from time to time. Going outside of the comfort zone to really satisfy those creative monsters buried deep down. Now dont get me wrong...I LOVE doing family sessions and watching my newbies grow up and families love on each other. If I didnt love it I would not do it. But I do think this session with Alisha and Nick made me realize I need to satisfy my own creative monsters from time to time. And I thank them for allowing me to do that with their session.

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