Charlotte is ONE!!! | January 2015 | Denver Co

It always amazes me when I take newborn pictures then a year later I get that call that they have turned one. No way did a whole year fly by?!?!?! Yet I never age. HA. Charlotte had the famous Bronco helmet newborn picture that was shared on multiple social media sites as well as news stations! My claim to fame right here folks. 
We did Charlotte’s one year pictures in her new home and we had a balloon party as well as a cake smash. Charlotte and her dog Walter devoured the cake and we had a blast. Enjoy a peek into her session! Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

My Moment | Personal Post

As I sit here on my couch watching Twilight (Don’t judge me I can’t find the remote), I have 3 little dogs curled up with me and my big dog at my feet, my kids somewhat playing with each other and my house somewhat clean….I ACTUALLY took a deep breath in and out…and just felt in the moment with my life. I am a go getter. A hit the ground running-er. A “ill sleep when IM dead” -er. You get the idea. I don't stop to just think. Unfortunately that is a blessing and a curse for us moms. We don't have the luxury to just stop and breathe. Except today on this gloomy afternoon, I actually sat down and was in my life in that moment. I was thankful for my life. Thankful for my healthy boys, my loving husband, my parents, my house, my dogs, opportunity, life, on and on and on. I was just here and I was just happy. 

With all the negativity in this world sometimes its extremely easy for me to be a Debbie Downer. I know I am not alone. Somedays all the death, destruction, hate and evil in this world is too much to overcome. I fear for the future in which my boys have to live. But today…even for a brief moment, I felt so in tune with my life that I was overjoyed with love and happiness. I challenge myself and you to do this everyday. Its like a form of meditation. Even if its just for 5 seconds or 5 hours….be in the moment. Be happy with everything surrounding you. Be appreciative of what you have. Be content with who you are. Love your children. Love your life. 
I am a stubborn learner. I can be told something over and over and over but I want to learn for myself. I am learning that all those times I was told that “life is short, live it to your fullest”….this is ABSOLUTELY true. Now go be in your moment and Happy Friday. 

* Fabulous photos of my boys by my amazing Friend Becca with Avenue B Photography* 

Gavin is ONE!! | January 2015 | Denver CO

Gavin might be the most smiley kid I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. This kid smiles ear to ear when he is happy. Gavin is such a little miracle and I know his parents agree. The last time I got to photograph Gavin he was barely sitting up by himself and now he is on the move! His favorite part of the shoot was his yellow balloon. Not the cake, or frosting or chocolate…the yellow balloon. He hit, hugged, bit, punched and loved that balloon so much and it made me smile. Happy Birthday sweet boy! 

Ella | Newborn | January 2015 | Denver CO

Anyone looking for pictures of a cute baby....look no further. :-)

Asher | Newborn | January 2015 | Denver CO

Oh sweet Asher. He was SUCH a dream to photograph. All 5 pounds of him were amazing. He has the most amazing little features and I just LOVED holding him. We did Asher’s pictures at my studio on Broadway and it was a cold snowy day out but we stayed warm next to the space heater and tons of snuggles. Love how these turned out! 

A Beautiful (unorganized) Life | Personal Post

Organized. That words has absolutely no meaning to me. It used to! Before I had kids and owned TWO small businesses, and  worked as a respiratory therapist in a neonatal ICU, and 4 dogs, and a husband, and a mortgage….on…and on…and on….and on,. You get the idea, it meant something!!!  One of my many new year resolutions was to get ORGANIZED! In life and in business. It is now January 16th and I have people to call back, client emails to return, headbands literally all over my house and absolutely NO CLUE what my kids are up to in school. 

Not only is owning your own business a learning process but learning how to manage your LIFE while owning your own business really is the key. My husband constantly has to remind me that I need to make a business/working schedule. That would require me to schedule time to schedule my time. Not gonna happen. I’m not sure when the old organized me let the current messy me take over but it was a quick painless kill. Like…American Sniper take down. 

I have met with other photogs, talked with other moms, talked with my own mom and tried to take bits and pieces of what is working for other people and I have come to the conclusion that being organized takes A LOT A LOT A LOT of work! I already have three jobs, wait, no four (being a mom IS a job), wait, no five (lets not dis count being a wife), and i am expected to work MORE to organize all those jobs? Pass. Ill just stay unorganized with a messy house and sometimes know whats going on. No Stacey….that is NOT the answer. 

I am writing this blog post because I do not have the answer. I have a 2 and 4 year old. I have two successful home businesses. I have to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for people that cannot feed themselves…so annoying. I have 25 client emails i need to respond to….and with that requires the stars all aligning …. finding a date that works for my clients and myself, then finding a babysitter to watch my boys, then making sure my studio is free, then making sure my car will start, then making sure I have clean clothes……ouch. my brain. Yup. No answers. 

This is a very personal post but again, I am hoping it speaks to people out there. Us moms who USED to have our lives together and now do not….we will prevail!!! Somehow it does all work out. SO keep writing in those day timers, keep buying those wall calendars (I have 3 and have yet to write anything on them), and most importantly keep LOOKING like you have it all together…because let’s be honest…that’s half the battle. 

I would LOVE to hear how YOU keep it all together! Please Share your ideas with me and everyone else!!! Us moms need to stick together…help each other out and lift each other up!!!

My family photog and amazing friend Becca with Avenue B Photography took these pics ^^^^^^ LOVE!!!

Sunday...The Day I Survived ( but the Broncos didn't) | Personal Post

Does anyone ever get in bed after a long day of watching the Broncos lose again, eating crappy food and having been yelling at their naughty children literally all day…and wonder….what. the. h*LL was that all about??? What did I do today that benefited myself or the children or the world? I yelled! Alot! They are currently in their rooms crying about the repercussions of their behavior and I am ready to drive to the liquor store and down a bottle of anything! 

This year instead of popping Xanax I am taking a different approach. I am starting to research the benefits of essential oils (more on that later!), I am making a REAL resolution to make exercise a party of my daily routine and I am learning how to Let. It. Go. …Let it Goooooooooo. 

I don’t pretend to know anything about being a good parent. I wish I could be as awesome and fit as my pinterest board is. I pray daily for a winning football team. But the struggle is real folks. Just getting by is OK! Laying in bed and patting yourself on the back for not killing your children is ok! Not throwing all of your husbands clothes out on the lawn because he laid there while you struggled with the children is a huge win for you! Not eating all dozen doughnuts only 11 of them…Ill take it! 

Moms. cut yourselves some slack. do what you need to do to get by. You are doing A GREAT job!

Oh Baby!!! | Personal Post

Oh baby….this post is directed at all the women out there that have ever felt their ovaries physically yearn for fertilization. Today…this happened to me. I have done four newborn photo sessions in a row (ummm…what was going on 9 months ago that i missed?) and the parents at my session today had to practically pry their baby out of my arms. I want!!!

My husband and I made that decision after our last baby (whom is going to be 3 in February) that we were done having kids. No more. no mas. fin. two is our magic number and i know deep deep down our family is complete. but every now and then I wonder what life would be like if we decided to have more kids. Besides needing a bigger car, bigger house, bigger dining room table not to mention another chair for said bigger table…we would need more income, someone to come baby sit not two but three kids (the two we have now already freak out grandma and grandpa.) Life would have to drastically change. But it would be worth it right? 

I come from a family of three kids. I am the oldest with two younger brothers. We weren't always best buds…we went through the standard, annoying, hateful, back to annoying feelings for each other. But looking back I couldn't imagine my life without those two guys. They are now my best friends, my protectors, my secret keepers and the best uncles to my boys. 

I know I am not the only one who has ever asked the question of “how do i know when my family is complete.” it is a difficult question. One only you and your spouse can answer. But even when you think you know how do you reeeeeeeally know??? 


Westin | Newborn | 2015 | Denver CO

Sweet little westin is such a beauty! All 9 pounds of her! She has the most amazing eyes, fingers and toes. And her mama is a old friend…I always enjoy catching up with people from my past! Big brother Owen is such a love to little sister and I can already tell he will be her life long protector. Our time in the studio was full of old stories, feedings, playing trucks and smiles. Westin didn't want much to do with sleeping but she was just as calm as could be. loved my time with this family.