My Moment | Personal Post

As I sit here on my couch watching Twilight (Don’t judge me I can’t find the remote), I have 3 little dogs curled up with me and my big dog at my feet, my kids somewhat playing with each other and my house somewhat clean….I ACTUALLY took a deep breath in and out…and just felt in the moment with my life. I am a go getter. A hit the ground running-er. A “ill sleep when IM dead” -er. You get the idea. I don't stop to just think. Unfortunately that is a blessing and a curse for us moms. We don't have the luxury to just stop and breathe. Except today on this gloomy afternoon, I actually sat down and was in my life in that moment. I was thankful for my life. Thankful for my healthy boys, my loving husband, my parents, my house, my dogs, opportunity, life, on and on and on. I was just here and I was just happy. 

With all the negativity in this world sometimes its extremely easy for me to be a Debbie Downer. I know I am not alone. Somedays all the death, destruction, hate and evil in this world is too much to overcome. I fear for the future in which my boys have to live. But today…even for a brief moment, I felt so in tune with my life that I was overjoyed with love and happiness. I challenge myself and you to do this everyday. Its like a form of meditation. Even if its just for 5 seconds or 5 hours….be in the moment. Be happy with everything surrounding you. Be appreciative of what you have. Be content with who you are. Love your children. Love your life. 
I am a stubborn learner. I can be told something over and over and over but I want to learn for myself. I am learning that all those times I was told that “life is short, live it to your fullest”….this is ABSOLUTELY true. Now go be in your moment and Happy Friday. 

* Fabulous photos of my boys by my amazing Friend Becca with Avenue B Photography* 

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