Tessa & Jason are having a GIRL!! {Maternity}

Im not going to lie...these maternity pictures are SMOKIN HOT so if you have a history of heart problems, seizure disorders or are not impressed with a majorly good looking baby bump then just skip this post on my blog :-) Tessa and Jason will be newbie parents this October and I am so so so (I cannot write enough "so's") excited for them! They are still undecided on a name for baby but I have a hunch it wont matter..baby girl will be GORGEOUS! Not to mention loved <3 On a side note about the shoot...Tessa, Jason and I had more laughs than I have ever had taking pictures. It started when I asked Jason to take off his shirt for some of the indoor shots and his response being "what kind of photo shoot is this?" (all said with a straight face and serious concern I was secretly there to film a porno or something...hahahha.) Then outside getting yelled at by a seriously crazy bridezilla that "we had to go" even though there was more than enough park to share. And can I just say...there is nothing more UNattractive than a bride yelling at other people...so yes I am getting off track but if you are a bride looking for a photographer and are rude and annoying...PLEASE do not contact me. Thank you. But back to raving about these pictures...Tessa and Jason will be unbelievable parents and I cannot wait to meet their new bundle of love. {-S}

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