So I have to be a total cliche here and say, I got into photography after I had my first baby boy. We were getting our pictures done by a fabulous photographer (Artistic Images by Heather,) and I had such an amazing time coming up with fun ideas and props and outfits for all of our shoots and I thought (like every parent does), "well I am already taking so many pictures of my kid might as well get a good camera and see what I can do!" which then turned into my girlfriends at work asking me to do their kids pictures, and then it snowballed into referrals and now it's seriously my passion! But I still get no greater joy than photographing my own two boys! I make them do the silliest things but as their mama, I am allowed! I make them sit naked on a saddle just to get a cute shot of their adorable little hiney's, I make them sit in buckets with silly hats, and so far my worst (but favorite picture yet) is making my oldest stand in his undies in the middle of the street, in a cape and mask all while cars, bikers and runners pass by laughing and giving me crazy eye. Yes. I am that mother. And my kids will never forgive me for showing these pictures to everyone when they are in high school and they will probably try to burn or bury or hide all of this evidence :-) But these pictures capture this time in their lives that I will never get back. These pictures show a time when my kids LOVED standing in rain boots and their underware and a super hero cape. They show innocence, and fun and laughter and the future. I like to believe (just like all parents) that my boys will change the world for the better someday, that they will be the ones in history books making a difference and the whole world will know their names. I know they will be those boys, and when I have my proud mama moment and look back at these pictures of them playing around in their tighty whitey's and capes I will tell them "I knew it the whole time."



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