The {M} Baby Belly | Downtown Denver Maternity Shoot | Fall 2013

      Despite that fact that I am married, have two kids, four dogs, own my own home and have credit cards…It STILL has NOT sunk in that I am no longer in high school. Watching my once classmates get married, get pregnant and have babies is SO mind-blowing to me! Now…dont get me wrong…I HATED high school…but my brain has somehow frozen itself in that time. I still feel that young. I still feel that immature at times. I still feel that invincible. AAAAAND then I try to stay up past 10pm, try to run more than 200 yards, try to eat as horrible as I did and try to fit into the jeans I wore…."YAH…I. AM. OLDER." 
      Once reality hits me and I am no longer in Kansas anymore (other wise known as my twenties,) I get this HUGE smile on my face watching the people I knew "back then" grow up. We are getting older. We are falling in love and starting families. And we are changing the world in our own little ways. Getting to see how far we have come has become one of my FAVORITE things in the world to do! I am so excited to share a peek of someone in my past allowing me to be apart of her future. <3

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