Shoot and Share Contest Results | Stacey James Photography | 2017

     In 2016 I saw many of my fellow photographers enter into a contest that touted being the only completely fair photography contest on the planet. I looked at the judging process and the images being looked so fun and inspiring! I decided in 2017 I would join along! 
      January 2017 came along and I got the email it was time to enter for this years contest! I was so excited! What pictures would I choose? What categories would I enter? SOOO fun! You can enter up to 50 images and I went all in entering mostly in the newborn and family categories and it was so tough deciding what to enter!!! All the people I work with hold a very special place in my heart....each and ever session. 
     When we finally found out the results of the contest I was so proud of myself. I had one image make the finals which means the top 500 images and I found out that image came in at #130!!! So close to the top 100! I had 6 images come in top 10%, 6 Images top 20% and 6 in the top 30%. Thats 19 images that made it to top 1000 of its category and in many categories there were over 18,000 images submitted or more! For my first time entering I am very proud of myself and where I have come from and where I am going. 
     Life is about the little wins. The small victories. This is one of those times I feel I came out on top of the world. 

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