Oliver's Story - 3 weeks NEW!

     Sweet Oliver came to see me after a few reschedules due to me having a cold which made me want to remind everyone that I get routine covid tests since I am in close contact with you guys! It may be over kill but I want to ensure I keep all of my clients safe! 

    But back to Oliver! Since he was a little older than my "normal" newbies I had planned to do mostly older newbie poses but this little guy slept like a dream! He loved having a gentle touch at all times which I was happy to do..more baby snuggles for me! When he was getting fed and diaper changed he snuggled into his mama afterwards and didn't want to let go. Oliver is a special little guy...he is currently being fostered by some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Fostering a child, opening your home and loving that child like one of your own requires a heart and soul of gold and I am so honored to have captured these memories of this little guy.  I hope to keep updating you about his journey so be sure to stay tuned! 

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