Mariah {Class of 2013}

The world might not be ready for Mariah and the class of 2013...this girl is gorgeous and going places! I had so much fun hanging out with her! Thats exactly what it felt like for me...I just got to hang out with a super fun, exciting, happy and strong girl. Not only is she smart and funny...she has killer style to go with it! This girl was rockin skinny jeans and 4 inch heels and made it look easy! Not only that but she read my mind the entire time about the poses I wanted her in. Like I said...she made it look easy! This was one of those shoots that when we were done I was sad. I wanted more time and more pictures with her..I wanted to soak up her excitement for life and feel young again!!! But until next time may I present Mariah...Class of 2013. {-S}

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