Pare Family

I'm not sure what it is but the last couple photo shoots I have had, we end up leaving the session with lots of laughs and stories to go with them! This time around I got yelled at by the park ranger for it being 5 minutes after the time the place closed. OOPS! So after only slightly panicking about where we could move our session to we drove a little ways and found the most amazing place! The sun was perfect, the leaves are starting to change and there was so much for little Miss Caitlyn to explore! Rocks and dirt and bugs and flowers. She loved showing me all the flowers. Caitlyn loved giving her mommy and daddy hugs which was the cutest thing for me to see! The Pare family is about to grow from 3 to 4 members and I could not be more excited for them! Both parents were glowing with excitement of their new addition and Caitlyn is going to be such a great big sister and I could not be more excited for this amazing family! {-S}

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