The Hill Family

I have known this family for a loooooong time.... my younger brothers were friends with these boys, so being asked to take pictures for this family was such an honor for me and so much fun! I got to catch up  and see how everyone's lives have turned out so far and see how much everyone had changed since the last I had seen them, which was in highschool..which in turn made me feel suuuuper old :-) Some days I still am in shock that I am married and have two kids but for some reason when I see people I went to high school with doing the same, its just crazy to me! Mostly because deep down I still feel like I am 19...mostly its because I still act like I am 19 (but that is due to the fact that I am a little crazy having a 2 year old and a 6 month old :-) But every time I see friends from my past moving on and growing up its such a special moment for me to know we have made it! We are adults! And I know Rita and Doug are beyond proud of their two boys for how they are growing up. I had so much fun with this family and it was such a pleasure to be apart of capturing these memories for them! I hope to see much more of them in the future and again be blown away at how amazing all of them are and how truly special each one of them are to this world! {-S}

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