The {O} Family

Hailey turned one and what an adorable little thing she is! Full of spunk and sparkly smiles! I had a blast with her and her mom and dad!

The {B} Family

This adorable little family just welcomed a new baby boy and I was thrilled to get to meet him! What a lovely and adorable family of 4 this is!

Ones {Extended} Family

Amy, Caitlyn and Grace

Burke Family

Sofia & Sadie

Jade, Trish and Heather

I had heard many many stories about the wonderful and beautiful Jade from my co-worker Trish, but had never met her, so when Trish booked a photo shoot with me I was excited to finally put a face with the name! And boy did that face blow me away! This little girl is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! Trish, her sister Heather and Jade were amazing to work with and amazing to just hang out with! We had amazing lighting and Jade was clearly born to be in front of the camera. Let's not forget who is responsible for these good looks...Her mom...CLEARLY!!! {-S}

Carter & Cameron

So I may be partially biased about these adorable kiddos being that they are my family (Cousin in law's) but I really loved every single picture from this shoot. Carter is such an amazing older brother to Cameron. I would ask him to hug her and he did. I asked him to smile and give her a kiss and he did. He is going to be her life long protector I know that much for sure! These two were so much fun and I am so honored I got to see how much they love each other and capture it with my camera! {-S}