The (C) Family {2012}

I simply adore this gorgeous family! All 5 kids have drop dead gorgeous blue eyes and so sweet! This is the second time I have had the pleasure of photographing them and it gets better every time! All 5 are successful kids and I love getting updates about them from their mama (whom I happen to work with.) I hope for many many more sessions with them! {-S}

Tessa & Jason are having a GIRL!! {Maternity}

Im not going to lie...these maternity pictures are SMOKIN HOT so if you have a history of heart problems, seizure disorders or are not impressed with a majorly good looking baby bump then just skip this post on my blog :-) Tessa and Jason will be newbie parents this October and I am so so so (I cannot write enough "so's") excited for them! They are still undecided on a name for baby but I have a hunch it wont girl will be GORGEOUS! Not to mention loved <3 On a side note about the shoot...Tessa, Jason and I had more laughs than I have ever had taking pictures. It started when I asked Jason to take off his shirt for some of the indoor shots and his response being "what kind of photo shoot is this?" (all said with a straight face and serious concern I was secretly there to film a porno or something...hahahha.) Then outside getting yelled at by a seriously crazy bridezilla that "we had to go" even though there was more than enough park to share. And can I just say...there is nothing more UNattractive than a bride yelling at other yes I am getting off track but if you are a bride looking for a photographer and are rude and annoying...PLEASE do not contact me. Thank you. But back to raving about these pictures...Tessa and Jason will be unbelievable parents and I cannot wait to meet their new bundle of love. {-S}

Vivian is Two!!!

Wow did those two years F.L.Y by!! And Miss Vivian has only gotten cuter and cuter! She is talking up a storm and as adventurous as ever! I always love every minute I get to watch her little personality sparkle! Her mom always puts the CUTEST outfits together for this little fashionista...Is it weird to envy the wardrobe of a two year old?!! TUTUS for all!!! Happy second birthday Vivian! I just love you and the amazing person you are becoming! {-S}

Megan & Eric {Maternity}

Megan and Eric are having a baby girl! HOOORAY! I am thrilled for them and to meet this little bundle of joy! She is going to be loved beyond words and be one lucky little girl! Megan is just too cute..pregnancy fits her! I wish this glowing mommy and daddy to be all the happiness in the world!

Camila {Newborn}

There are no words for how amazing this little girl is! I got to play with her when she was 12 days new and she is the reason I LOVE photographing newborn baby's. For the pictures with her mommy and daddy she was wide awake and just stared at them as if she knew they already loved her more than any heart ever could. She was calm and at home in their arms. Then when it was time for her star solo her mommy rocked her to sleep and the rest was history. She slept like a champ despite us messing with her to put on silly hats and oversized bows :-) This little one is a very lucky little girl...she will always know love, have a life filled with culture, her parents are raising her bi-lingual and I can already tell she is going to have the supermodel "stare" that her mommy has. The lucky one here is really me...I get to watch her grow up and capture it with my camera. Now ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to the world...Miss Camila.  {-S}