Camila {Newborn}

There are no words for how amazing this little girl is! I got to play with her when she was 12 days new and she is the reason I LOVE photographing newborn baby's. For the pictures with her mommy and daddy she was wide awake and just stared at them as if she knew they already loved her more than any heart ever could. She was calm and at home in their arms. Then when it was time for her star solo her mommy rocked her to sleep and the rest was history. She slept like a champ despite us messing with her to put on silly hats and oversized bows :-) This little one is a very lucky little girl...she will always know love, have a life filled with culture, her parents are raising her bi-lingual and I can already tell she is going to have the supermodel "stare" that her mommy has. The lucky one here is really me...I get to watch her grow up and capture it with my camera. Now ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to the world...Miss Camila.  {-S}

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