Rachel and Josh | Maternity | Larkspur Colorado | 2017 | staceyjamesphotography.com

     Rachel contacted me back in March about her upcoming due date of her little girl. She called and we talked on the phone for over an hour! We talked about her hopes how her delivery would go and what type of photographer she was looking for. After this first conversation we both decided she was looking for more of a "lifestyle" type photographer, so I sent her to my friend who specialized in it. About a month went by and Rachel called me back. I was happy to hear from her and see how she was progressing! She had decided she wanted to use me to capture her maternity pictures! I was ecstatic! We had bonded so well over the phone and I felt like she was more of a friend than just a client.
     The day of her session came and as it usually is in Colorado in the spring...it was WINDY!!! Our hair was blowing everywhere and it was not fun. But Rachel and Josh were so relaxed and just embraced the wind! We stopped at one spot with a beautiful red barn and it gave such a fun, rustic feel. Then we drove to another area with a beautiful valley and views of the mountains and it was like the wind understood what we were wanting and magically stopped! It was perfection.
     Rachel looked stunning in her simple white dress which she later changed into a form fitting red dress. She was a vision. Josh, her husband is one of those men who just stares at his wife so lovingly...even more lovingly with her carrying his child. I didn't ever really have to pose him, he just naturally sank into her and held her so beautifully. Their session was a dream and I didn't want it to end...so much so that I had Rachel shaking from the cold. She never once complained.
     I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy! This baby will be so loved and cherished!

Diemert Family | Portraits | Larkspur Colorado | staceyjamesphotography.com

      This family is practically my family...I have been doing their pictures for over 5 years and have captured every little detail! What bigger honor is there? I was there to capture Sam's newborn pictures and his two older sisters were already loving him so much! Sam looked so cute,  his mama dressed him like the dapper little dude that he is! SO much cuteness! 
     We rocked some studio shots then went outside and played in the woods and as always I had an amazing time with them. Enjoy a peek into our session!

Hattie | Newborn Portraits | Larkspur Studio | 2017

      Sweet Hattie came to visit me when she was just 10 days new and she LOVED being awake and watching the whole session! She loved being held, she didn't love being swaddled and she has the most beautiful eyes! I love doing newborn shoots when the baby sleeps but Hattie gave me a new love for sessions when baby is awake! She is ready to take on the world!
      Hattie did fall asleep at the end of our session so we got a couple of her sleepy little face. I loved every second I got with her and I cannot wait to watch her grow up.      

Peyton is ONE! | Cake Smash | Studio | Larkspur Colorado | 2017

      Im not sure I have ever seen a cuter one year old and the love he had for his cake! We began Peyton's session with some adorable shots in the most adorable suspenders! I got some amazing smiles from this handsome blue eyed boy and we ended with him devouring his cake! I laughed so hard at Peyton going in mouth first! Such an amazing kiddo! 

Barrett | Newborn Portraits | Studio | Larkspur Colorado | 2017

     This little guy was SOOOO much fun to photograph. When he showed up to my studio with his mommy and daddy he was sleepy and ready to go! We did family shots first and I have to say the ones with his daddy tugged at my heart strings. There is just something about dads holding their sons. Dads big hands holding this new tiny baby with mom looking on...its a so beautiful. 
     Barrett slept so well for me we made a new record for setups! His mama was such a big help too and has a knack for posing newborns...If she wasn't moving to New Orleans to be an amazing doctor I would hire her to be my assistant! 
     This new family of three was brought into my life for a reason...they are the most kind, most caring people and will be the best parents to this sweet little boy! I was so blessed and honored to capture this amazing time in their lives and they will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

Shoot and Share Contest Results | Stacey James Photography | 2017

     In 2016 I saw many of my fellow photographers enter into a contest that touted being the only completely fair photography contest on the planet. I looked at the judging process and the images being entered...it looked so fun and inspiring! I decided in 2017 I would join along! 
      January 2017 came along and I got the email it was time to enter for this years contest! I was so excited! What pictures would I choose? What categories would I enter? SOOO fun! You can enter up to 50 images and I went all in entering mostly in the newborn and family categories and it was so tough deciding what to enter!!! All the people I work with hold a very special place in my heart....each and ever session. 
     When we finally found out the results of the contest I was so proud of myself. I had one image make the finals which means the top 500 images and I found out that image came in at #130!!! So close to the top 100! I had 6 images come in top 10%, 6 Images top 20% and 6 in the top 30%. Thats 19 images that made it to top 1000 of its category and in many categories there were over 18,000 images submitted or more! For my first time entering I am very proud of myself and where I have come from and where I am going. 
     Life is about the little wins. The small victories. This is one of those times I feel I came out on top of the world.