Griffin | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Colorado 2021

      This sweet family was gifted their newborn session from Griffin's grandma and what a fantastic gift it was! We decided an in home session would be best as Griffin's mom had some post delivery complications and I didn't want her exerting herself too much. I love in home sessions because I get to see the nursery and there is a more relaxed vibe surrounding you. 

     Griffin was born with an amazing head of dark brown hair and when we started his session he wanted to be awake to take it all in. Once I swaddled him with my magic powers his eyes got heavy and he was one sleepy boy. Griffin's mom and dad met at comic-con so of course we had to incorporate their love of Star Wars as well as his adorable dinosaur themed nursery. 

     Our session was about 3 hours long and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope you enjoy a sneak peek and I cant wait to watch Griffin grow up! 

Oliver's Story - 3 weeks NEW!

     Sweet Oliver came to see me after a few reschedules due to me having a cold which made me want to remind everyone that I get routine covid tests since I am in close contact with you guys! It may be over kill but I want to ensure I keep all of my clients safe! 

    But back to Oliver! Since he was a little older than my "normal" newbies I had planned to do mostly older newbie poses but this little guy slept like a dream! He loved having a gentle touch at all times which I was happy to do..more baby snuggles for me! When he was getting fed and diaper changed he snuggled into his mama afterwards and didn't want to let go. Oliver is a special little guy...he is currently being fostered by some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Fostering a child, opening your home and loving that child like one of your own requires a heart and soul of gold and I am so honored to have captured these memories of this little guy.  I hope to keep updating you about his journey so be sure to stay tuned! 

Happy Valentine's Day!! 2021

    I had planned on offering Valentine Mini's earlier this year but it seems life is just RUSHING by! I ordered a cute backdrop and had so many cute ideas planned and then January sped by at light speed so I didnt have time to finalize things which made me so so sad but there is always next year right!! I did have one very special client ask about doing a Valentine shoot and since I already had everything we went for it! Did I mention this special client is my amazing Triplets!! 

   These three are getting so big, so adorable and so mobile! Coralling one kid is tought but THREE....ill take that challenge. I made them some chocolate chip cookies dyed pink and let them go nuts with some sprinkles and they made me some magic! Enjoy a peek into their special Valentine's day Love fest! 

SJP Covid Liability Waiver

 Please follow this link to the covid-19 liability waiver. Your session will not be booked until this is signed. Thank you so much for understanding! 

Link to Covid Waiver