Griffin | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Colorado 2021

      This sweet family was gifted their newborn session from Griffin's grandma and what a fantastic gift it was! We decided an in home session would be best as Griffin's mom had some post delivery complications and I didn't want her exerting herself too much. I love in home sessions because I get to see the nursery and there is a more relaxed vibe surrounding you. 

     Griffin was born with an amazing head of dark brown hair and when we started his session he wanted to be awake to take it all in. Once I swaddled him with my magic powers his eyes got heavy and he was one sleepy boy. Griffin's mom and dad met at comic-con so of course we had to incorporate their love of Star Wars as well as his adorable dinosaur themed nursery. 

     Our session was about 3 hours long and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope you enjoy a sneak peek and I cant wait to watch Griffin grow up! 

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