Harlowe | 6 Month Portraits | Denver Colorado | 2016

Harlowe is SUCH a cutie! I absolutely love photographing six month olds…they are just starting to become little humans. Their little personalities are just starting to shine through and they are inquisitive but NOT yet mobile :-)

Harlowe made me work for those smiles but luckily her mom and dad knew what made her tick and they were standing behind me making faces and noises and we had so much fun! My favorite set from this session was the first set we did with Harlowe wearing her aqua bum-cover and a big bow. She looked so girlie and beautiful. I just love it when little girls are over the top girlie…hey dress them how you want while you have time is what I always say!

I love working hard for smiles in little babies…it is so rewarding when you get one and it makes my job and the hard work all worth it. Enjoy a peek into our session. 

Law Maternity Session | Portraits | Maternity | Denver Colorado | 2016

     This family session was the last photography session I had before I had my surgery and as always it was a great one. Athan is going to be a big brother and despite him not being in the mood for pictures we still got to play in the dirt and run around. 

     This is why I had my surgery. So that running around, chasing smiling and laughing kids having fun wasn’t painful for me anymore. Despite the surgery being the most pain I have ever been in and taking more time than expected for recovery…I cannot wait to be back chasing around kids again. 

      This sweet family is expecting a new bundle of love and I cannot wait to meet her! Going from a family of three to a family of four is always such a chaotic but awesome time! Its running after a toddler while nursing a baby. It’s potty training while changing a diaper. It’s dropping off the older kiddo at school while getting some snuggle time with the new baby but then realizing how much your oldest child has grown. 

      How it feels like just yesterday you were holding your oldest child in your arms like you are now doing to your second child. It’s realizing that they grow up faster than you expected…just like everyone told you they would. Adding a baby to the family is a joyous, stressful and amazing time and I cannot wait to watch this beautiful family grow and I am so honored to be apart of it.