Amber & Greg | Elopement Session | Denver Colorado | 2017

     I first met Amber and Greg in 2016 for some wintery, engagement pictures. It had just snowed and we went to a place in the foothills and the snow was about 2 feet high. Amber and Greg had their winter coats on, gloves and hats and it was freezing! A little over a year later Amber and Greg are officially married and did it in the best possible way. They did a court house wedding and decided to do some fun pictures with me to commemorate the occasion! 
     I am a HUGE fan of elopements for a couple of reasons 1) Weddings these days can get OUT OF CONTROL EXPENSIVE! Our society has made couples feel they have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to have a "decent" wedding. So not true! 2) Elopements get the job done. You walk into the court house, sign some papers and boom you are married. Is it fancy? not really...but it fulfills the act of legally binding you and your loved one together. And in the end isn't that all we really want? Is for the world to know we want to be with that certain someone forever? For our taxes to be prepared together not separate anymore? For us to have joint bank accounts and buy houses, cars, other expensive junk  and grow old together?! Ok I got off track there but my point do NOT have to spend your fathers retirement fund, your downpayment on a house or any other astronomical amount of money on a wedding. You blow all this cash on one day and what are you left with? The awesome pictures your awesome photographer took but you have no walls to hang them on because you are stuck living with your mom and dad. 
     People...your worth is not equal to how much money your wedding cost's. The act of sharing your life with that special person is all that matters. Waking up next to the love of your life, sharing pets, laughing, crying and just being with your best friend. Thats what marriage is. A $1000 cake doesn't prove anything to anyone. Making your marriage last does. 
    Amber and Greg are a couple that will make it. They love each other with their heart and souls. When we did these pictures I could just feel their love through my lens. I can't describe it... it was just this spark or radiation feeling I got that they were going to grow old together. That made me so happy. Greg and Amber have the best sense of humor and just get each other and it was amazing to be around them! I cannot wait to capture their lives and all the many stages they go through together. 

Mila | Newborn | Larkspur Colorado | Studio | 2017

     Sweet Mila came to see me when she was 6 weeks old! Usually as a newborn photographer, older newborn babies make us nervous but sweet Mila did an amazing job in front of my camera. She loved knowing where I was and what I was doing. She looked right into my lens and even gave a couple of huge smiles! It was such a fun time! 
     Newborn photography is about capturing those fleeting moments right at the beginning of life. I can't tell you how many times, myself included, I hear how quickly time flies in the beginning. It could be that as a new parent we are so sleep deprived that we time travel in day to day life. Babies are so much work and so helpless and we are their lifelines and that is an amazing thing but also a stressful thing. I remember times just praying for my kids to just go to sleep when they were babies. To just give me more than 5 hours of sleep that night. Now my kids are 5 and 6 years old and sleeping in their own rooms, brushing their own teeth and being little people.
      Somedays I would pay to go back to the days of them in diapers, being swaddled and just wanting to sleep in my arms. We wish away time yet we want it to slow down. That is why you book a newborn photographer. That is why you invest money in a photographer that knows the value of their work and what their work stands for, for years to come. 
     Mila wasn't the youngest newborn I have photographed but it didn't matter to me. All that matters is that we stopped time, if only for a couple of hours in my studio, but her family will always have these and will always be able to go back to this day. 

Beaty Family | Denver Colorado | 2017

     This session was so so so much fun! I have been photographing these amazing people for a couple of years now and every time I leave wishing I could come home with them and just hang out and be apart of their family. Is that creepy? :-) A little. But they are just so much fun!
     Every year we find a new spot for their family pictures and this year we went with the art murals in downtown Denver. This spot is one of my favorites simply because its so colorful and its has endless art by some amazing artists! I love capturing a little bit more of a natural mood with this location...letting people just interact with each other. This is especially true with this session, we let Zander and Sawyer just be kids and I think it truly captured their personalities and the core of this family. Zander will be going into first grade this upcoming school year and I am in awe how big he has gotten! Then there is sweet Sawyer who looks just like her beautiful mama and has spunk and sass to keep up with her older brother. 
     Its always an honor to capture memories for this family and be apart of their lives and I can't wait to keep watching them grow up literally right in front of my lens. 

Hill Family | Larkspur Colorado | 2017

     This might be one of my favorite sessions ever. All the elements of a photography session came together to create one AMAZING time with this family and I LOVE how the pictures turned out! I have been lucky enough to capture some really special times in this families lives and its truly always an honor when I get to see my clients over and over again. This amazing family is from Denver and came all the way to Daniel's Park in Highlands Ranch, for their shoot. They ALWAYS trust me to guide them on the location for the look and feel of their sessions! 
    I got to meet Carter when his little sister, Sage, was in his mommy's belly...Carter is the cutest little 2 year old! He is full of spunk and two favorite things. I did Sage's newborn photos 9 months ago and boy has she grown! The best part of my job is watching my smallest clients grow up! I got to meet oldest sister, Kori, at our session this time too! This amazing family is a blended family and Carter and Sage could not have a better big sister to look up to! Kori is not only loving and caring but such a beauty too! I loved pulling her aside to do a couple quick shots of just her.  
    Mama Hill did an amazing job on the outfits for the session. She kept it simple and light and it worked so well at this location to really accent the view of the mountains in the background. This sweet family cherishes their memories and it will always be my honor to be the one to capture those memories for them! 

Otte Family | Larkspur Colorado | 2017

       I LOVE getting to see this sweet family and taking their pictures! Its such a fun time full of laughter! They book a shoot with me every year and every year the kiddos are bigger, have more or less teeth and are turning into such amazing little people! Madison is 6 this year and has these big stunning blue eyes! She loved posing for me and I loved making her try not to laugh. Mason is 4 this year and he is a hoot! He laughs and smiles at everything...especially fart noises (which always get boys to laugh.) Mason loves to run, jump and make silly faces so basically he is your typical silly boy. 
      This awesome family of four is planning on spending their summer camping, riding their dirt bikes and just being outside and the location for their shoot was perfect to show off their love of the outdoors. We walked around looking at the tall trees, picked up pine cones and looked for animals the entire session! Once sunset hit and the golden light bounced off the mountains we ended up in the most beautiful valley where the kiddos got to dance and play and give lots of hugs. It was the perfect end to the perfect session. I hope you enjoy a peek into our time! 

Henley | Newborn | Larkspur Colorado | Studio | 2017

Henley is such a beautiful little bundle! I loved having her at my studio along with her big brother! Henley is a rainbow baby and her mama made the cutest rainbow tutu that we got to use for pictures! It was very touching. Welcome to the world sweet girl! <3 <3 <3