Claire is One! | Portraits | February 2015 | Denver CO

I had the pleasure of photographing Claire when she was just born. She was and is such a beauty! This little girl smiled more than any child I have ever had in my studio. I made a funny face…Claire smiled. I made a funny sound and Claire smiled. Her parents smiled lovingly at her…she smiled. Her smile made me smile and my heart melt. I cannot believe what a sweet little person she has become and I am so honored to have watched her thus far. 

Knox | Newborn | January 2015 | Denver CO

Sweet Knox…he was such a dream to photograph. He slept 99% of the session and his parents brought tons of ideas for the session but also let me have my fun! My favorite image is the one of Knox snuggling with his puppy stuffed animal, which signified the doggie he actually has at home and will one day surely be his best buddy! 

Newborn sessions to me are a challenge. Like a personal best to runners, newborn sessions are what I aim to “top” at each session. I try to learn as much as I can from each session and apply it to the next baby. Obviously every baby is different but learning different techniques is crucial to me. I love to keep learning and evolving and newborn sessions supply this drive for me. 

I loved my session with Knox! Please enjoy a peek into our session!  

Laura & Evan | Engagement | January 2015 | Denver CO

Laura and Evan might be the cutest couple ever. I used to work with Laura many many moons ago and when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was thrilled! Evan is Laura’s match. He is the sweetest guy and truly loves Laura. I feel like I can read people through my lens and these two were made to be together. I cannot wait to be apart of their big day in October! Here is a sneak peek from their LOVE session!