Pare Family

I'm not sure what it is but the last couple photo shoots I have had, we end up leaving the session with lots of laughs and stories to go with them! This time around I got yelled at by the park ranger for it being 5 minutes after the time the place closed. OOPS! So after only slightly panicking about where we could move our session to we drove a little ways and found the most amazing place! The sun was perfect, the leaves are starting to change and there was so much for little Miss Caitlyn to explore! Rocks and dirt and bugs and flowers. She loved showing me all the flowers. Caitlyn loved giving her mommy and daddy hugs which was the cutest thing for me to see! The Pare family is about to grow from 3 to 4 members and I could not be more excited for them! Both parents were glowing with excitement of their new addition and Caitlyn is going to be such a great big sister and I could not be more excited for this amazing family! {-S}

Danielle & Clayton {Engagement}

There are certain people in life that you know are just meant to be together. Danielle and Clayton are two of those people. Clayton planned and pulled of a super romantic proposal at Red Rocks so it was only fitting we did their pictures there. Tagging along was there super cute dog Bella who is clearly the third member of their family, and she was so excited to just be involved and with us! We got to see a huge pack of antelope pass by us while we were shooting and it was breathtaking along with the sunset, the fields or rolling golden grass and the majestic red rocks. This is one of those shoots where I smiled the whole time watching these two interact. Watching new, young love is such a happy thing for me! I loved watching the hope they have for each other and for their future, I loved watching them smile and laugh at each other, but mostly I loved knowing that this time in their lives is a monumental one and they trusted me with the task of capturing that. I wish these two nothing but happiness and love in their new lives together!! {-S}


I was so lucky to meet this little guy and his parents when he was around 4 months he is 8 months old and just the cutest! His eyes are crazy blue and his smile could stop traffic! What an adorable little guy I got to play with..and play we did at his session! We sat in dirt and ate rocks and grass. You know...typical boy stuff! I hope to see little man much much more in the future! {-S}

Adeline is One! how lucky am I that I have gotten to watch this little girl grow this past year?! I took her newborn pictures and was so honored to get to take her one year pics and she has not only gotten taller she has gotten cuter, blonder, a wider smile and is walking! This little girl has stolen my heart from the beginning and I am so happy to get to watch her grow up! And great news is Little Addie is going to be a big sister soon and that means I will be seeing much more of this amazing little family and I could not be happier! {-S}

Keaton Is 7 Months

My little monkey is getting so big! I have been meaning to get pictures of him since he was 5 months old and that turned into "I will do it next month..." I know its normal that photographers have a hard time getting pics of their own kids but it REALLY is!!! My two year old wants nothing to do with it...any time I get out my good camera he runs...literally runs away. He has even started doing that when he knows I am getting my Iphone out to take his picture. So I guess I better get to taking more pics of my little buggy while he still cannot run. Enjoy. I know I do :-) {-S}


Little Mckayla's mama won my free photo shoot a couple months ago and it was such a fun session! She is starting preschool soon and it was only fitting we did her shoot at her school! Her birthday is right around the corner as well so naturally we had balloons and a pink tutu. Mckayla is full of personality and spunk and was such a trooper during the on and off rain during her pictures. It was cold and dreary but that did not stop Mckayla from having a blast with me. I wish her a wonderful school year and a very happy birthday!! {-S}


Charlie and his mama flew all the way out here to get pictures from me! Ok not really...they were out here visiting family but I like to think I am that awesome :-) Charlie was such a quiet but adventurous little guy at our session. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and the cutest little lips! I had so much fun meeting him and I hope to see him again in the future when they fly out to see me again. {-S}

The Hill Family

I have known this family for a loooooong time.... my younger brothers were friends with these boys, so being asked to take pictures for this family was such an honor for me and so much fun! I got to catch up  and see how everyone's lives have turned out so far and see how much everyone had changed since the last I had seen them, which was in highschool..which in turn made me feel suuuuper old :-) Some days I still am in shock that I am married and have two kids but for some reason when I see people I went to high school with doing the same, its just crazy to me! Mostly because deep down I still feel like I am 19...mostly its because I still act like I am 19 (but that is due to the fact that I am a little crazy having a 2 year old and a 6 month old :-) But every time I see friends from my past moving on and growing up its such a special moment for me to know we have made it! We are adults! And I know Rita and Doug are beyond proud of their two boys for how they are growing up. I had so much fun with this family and it was such a pleasure to be apart of capturing these memories for them! I hope to see much more of them in the future and again be blown away at how amazing all of them are and how truly special each one of them are to this world! {-S}