And baby makes 4!! Rickard Maternity | January 2020

     Photographing this sweet family in chilly January made for red noses but MORE snuggles and capturing snuggles are my favorite!!! January was made for new beginnings and brings the most beautiful golden sunsets and a breeze of new life. This sweet family will be welcoming a new baby very soon and I cannot wait to capture their journey.

Happy 2020!!!

     Happy 2020!!! Hey...I am only a few days late in wishing everyone a new year :-) 

    2019 was UHHHHHHMAIZING! Like...purely, all things amazing and all things not so amazing. I made it my fourth year in my photography business and its thriving! I have never been so happy doing what I do and I have all the THANK YOU's to my clients and friends. I met so many new people, took SO many more pictures and captured so many memories. Its the best job on the me. 

    2019 was also one of the worst years of my life. I dealt with health issues and learned how to overcome those obstacles as well as unexpectedly losing my father at the end of August. If you don't business name, Stacey James Photography...the James is a shoutout to my daddy. His name is James and he was an entrepreneur pretty much most of his life. He was a Vietnam veteran, he raised me and my younger brothers in a strict but loving household and family was the MOST important thing to him. 
    Losing my daddy took a huge chunk of my heart away and struggling with that on a day to day basis has been tough. He died at the peak of my busy season and I want to thank everyone for being so kind and patient with me. Since busy season is over and I am slower now the grieving process has just now hit me and its SUUUUUUCKS. But the importance of family and holding on to the happy memories of him have stuck with me and get me through the rough days. 

    When the time came to go through my dads things...the ONLY thing I wanted were his pictures. I wanted all of them. I wanted to be able to go back and look at my dad when he was younger and how I remembered him before his passing. The pictures were the ONLY thing I knew would stay with me forever and ever. Not any one thing was more important to me than these memories. 

   It hit me how important my job is when all I had left were these pictures of my daddy. I look at them and smile, cry and feel so lucky to have them. THIS is what makes my job so important for YOU. Time isn't slowing down and memories are all we have. Dont forget to capture your memories.