Marley | 6 Month Portraits | 2016 | Denver CO

     Sweet Marley and her family came to visit me at my studio for her 6 month photo session and we had so much fun! Marley is sitting up on her own, smiling from ear to ear and enjoying all the love and snuggles she can get! Marley smiled biggest when her big brother was making faces behind me and dancing and singing to her. She LOVES her brother. 

     Miss Marley is growing so big and so beautiful.  Her mama always comes with the best outfits and headbands....a photographers dream. I am so lucky I get to capture these moments with her and her amazing family! 

     Please enjoy a sneak peek into our session!



All the Words That Start with "L" | 2016

All of the (important) words that start with "L". 

Love. Life. Laugh. Learn. Lift. Light. Listen. Luck. Live. 



Luke. Liam.

The "L" word. That big one to be exact...has put a hole in many hearts. That big "L" word made Luke and Liam little angels. 

I photographed this family from the the end. I photographed their love. Their laughter. Their light. 

Luke and Liam are watching over their mom and dad now and it was such a blessing being in their lives. Knowing how loved they were and the love they gave will never be forgotten. 

"That moment that you left me,
my heart was split in two. 
One side was filled with memories,
the other side died with you. 
I often lay awake at night when 
the world is fast asleep, 
and take a walk down memory lane 
with tears upon my cheek.
Remembering you is easy, 
I do it every day;
but missing you is a heartache 
that never goes away. 
I hold you within my hearth 
and there you will remain;
you see life has gone on without you,
but will never be the same."

To Luke and Liam who were here on earth for such a short amount of time but touched so many hearts. 

Croix | Newborn | Lifestyle Session | Denver CO | 2016

          I wish I could put into words the excitement I get when I receive the email from clients that their new baby made it safely into this world. We schedule our session and the anticipation begins. With studio sessions I pine over what props to use, what backdrops to bring and what setups I will use. I LOVE studio set ups. The poses and the squishy all makes me so happy! But I also love the all natural, unposed, in home sessions. I love seeing families interact in their own space. Loving on each other in the comfort of their own home. Capturing new babies in their cribs and sitting with dad in his chair and laying next to mom in bed. 
       Sweet baby Croix is so loved by his his older brother and two older sisters. During the shoot they couldn't stop cuddling him and hugging him. Watching the love flow through this house was so amazing and it was an honor to be apart of it. Welcome to the world sweet baby Croix!