Rachel and Josh | Maternity | Larkspur Colorado | 2017 | staceyjamesphotography.com

     Rachel contacted me back in March about her upcoming due date of her little girl. She called and we talked on the phone for over an hour! We talked about her hopes how her delivery would go and what type of photographer she was looking for. After this first conversation we both decided she was looking for more of a "lifestyle" type photographer, so I sent her to my friend who specialized in it. About a month went by and Rachel called me back. I was happy to hear from her and see how she was progressing! She had decided she wanted to use me to capture her maternity pictures! I was ecstatic! We had bonded so well over the phone and I felt like she was more of a friend than just a client.
     The day of her session came and as it usually is in Colorado in the spring...it was WINDY!!! Our hair was blowing everywhere and it was not fun. But Rachel and Josh were so relaxed and just embraced the wind! We stopped at one spot with a beautiful red barn and it gave such a fun, rustic feel. Then we drove to another area with a beautiful valley and views of the mountains and it was like the wind understood what we were wanting and magically stopped! It was perfection.
     Rachel looked stunning in her simple white dress which she later changed into a form fitting red dress. She was a vision. Josh, her husband is one of those men who just stares at his wife so lovingly...even more lovingly with her carrying his child. I didn't ever really have to pose him, he just naturally sank into her and held her so beautifully. Their session was a dream and I didn't want it to end...so much so that I had Rachel shaking from the cold. She never once complained.
     I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy! This baby will be so loved and cherished!

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