Lorelei {Newborn}

Ok. I know this will get me in trouble for saying...but newborn's are officially my favorite to photograph. And little Miss Lorelei kinda made it so. At just under two weeks old and just under 6 pounds this little angel was so amazing. She was not quite sure what was going on at first and stranger danger was in full effect but once she gave me the ok she slept like a champ and my work began. This session is full of color from blankets that were hand made just for her, to hello kitty, to their dog Ellie making a cameo. Lorelei is one lucky little girl and I know this because I know her mommy and daddy are amazing people. Lorelei is going to grow up knowing compassion, love, strength and all things pink and it will all be because that is what her parents are (ok the pink not so much daddy) :-) I was honored to take these pictures and I am honored to get to watch this family grow. Welcome to the world sweet Lorelei...I cannot wait to watch you make it sparkle. {-S}

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