Aidan {Newborn}

I have been COMPLETELY neglecting my blog. Why you ask? I got nuthin. No good excuse. Being a full time mom to two young boys (3 years and 1 year,) having a full time job as a Respiratory Therapist in the neonatal ICU and doing the rest of the photography "thing," this blog was the LAST thing on my mind. BUT...I have decided to look at this blog as a way for the world to know me. Really know me. Not just the normal...awww look at this pretty family I took pictures of but more than that. To post my life. My world. And that includes my clients and the memories I capture for them. So. With that being prepared for more frequent meaningful and not so meaningful posts from me. Stacey. Photography by Stacey Anne.

With that being said...a week ago I had the pleasure of photographing gorgeous little Aidan. He was 3 weeks old here (which made me slightly nervous) and he did make us work a little but once he knew I was not going to back down he fell asleep. His parents were such a delight to hang out with and like every newborn session, I love just watching the in-between minutes of mom and dad snuggling and loving on their new baby. It almost makes me want another. Almost. :-)

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