The {U} Family | Noah Newborn | Fall 2013

      Where oh where do I begin with my little "blurb" about this session. When I was contacted to take Noah's newborn pictures I was ecstatic. Newbies are so much fun to photograph! Then when I found out this family was referred to me by another, AMAZING photographer (who also happens to my personal family photographer My jaw literally hit the ground. To have another photographer who happens to ROCK, send one of her clients to me was LIFE CHANGING :)

      Oh this story gets better!!! Little Noah was born at 28 weeks…just let that sink in…thats 12…TWELVE…Doce…douze…one after 11…WEEKS EARLY!!! Now most people would not understand what that means…but I do. See, not only am I a rocking good photographer (heheh), I also am a rocking good Respiratory Therapist that just happens to work in a neonatal ICU. So guess what I do when I am not taking your picture? Im working with little babies that are born way too early…just like little Noah. 

     This was such an amazing amazing amazing opportunity for me, not just to work with this ridiculously beautiful family, but to see how great Noah is doing, knowing how far he has come! I am honestly so thankful this family was brought into my life.

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