Alyssa | Class of 2016 | Seniors | Denver CO

Hello! I am blogging again! My how I have neglected this place! Well no more I say no more!

What a better session to start back with than beautiful Alyssa! I have known this sweet girl for quite some time as we are family friends. When her mother called me to do her senior portraits I was speechless. Had that much time really gone by? Was Alyssa seriously getting ready to graduate high school? The last time I had seen her she was up to my waist! Woah...not anymore! This beautiful girl is so full of life and spunk and kindness. We walked the streets of Downtown Denver and chatted about life and future plans. I was just in awe of how wonderful our session was and what an amazing woman this once girl has become. I cannot wait to hear all about how Alyssa changes the world in the years to come. 

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