Charlotte | Newborn | Lifestyle | Littleton Colorado | 2016

      Sweet Charlotte was born to an amazing mom and dad. I know this because I know them both and love them both dearly. Charlotte's mama, Heather,  is my longest friend I have ever had! We were in Brownies (the group BEFORE Girl Scouts) together! I really hope that didnt just date me :-) Heather and I were buddies in high school...Heather was always my biggest fan at my basketball games and I tried to be there for Heather when she had heath issues. High school can be a dark time for teenage girls...but Heather was ALWAYS my ray of light. Always the positive one, always the happy one, always the fighter. Fast forward 16 years and Heather is being blessed with one of Gods greatest blessings and I could not be more happy and proud of her. Charlotte's dad, Charlie, he is one amazing guy. Heather and Charlie have been together longer than anyone I know and make one awesome team. 
      We did Charlotte's newborn session in her nursery which is decorated beautifully in black, aqua and off white. Just holding Charlotte made my heart happy. She slept and ate and did an amazing first photo session. She is such a little beauty and I loved every snuggle I got from her. 
      Watching friends whom I have known my entire life grow up, get married, have babies, be blows my mind. Being able to say I have known someone for most of their life is a pretty awesome thing...a rare thing. It is not something I take for granted and I cannot wait to watch and be apart of the next part of Heather, Charlie and Charlotte's lives. 

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