Oqsanna | Newborn Portraits | Studio | Larkspur CO | 2017

     Beautiful Qqsanna came to visit me but didn't have to drive that far...her and her amazing family live right down the street from me and also just so happen to be some of our amazing friends! Qqsanna's big brother is in the same kindergarten class as my son so they are buddies and it has been such a fun experience watching their family grow! 
     Oqsanna was such a perfect angel for me at our session! She slept so well and barely made a peep! Her room is decorated in purple so we used it for her session and she looked so stunning in it! My favorites are the ones in her great grandmothers pearls. I love using sentimental props like these and they were the perfect "girlie" accessory!
      I am thrilled I get to watch this beautiful little girl grow up! Enjoy a peek into our session!

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