2018...A Year in Review!

     2018 was the start of something for me and was a very special year. Not only because it was my best year yet but because I FINALLY felt like I had MADE it as a photographer. My business has been my full time job for over 3 years now and it hasn't always been easy. Owning your own business and faking not being terrified every second of every day that you aren't going to make it. Is a constant fear in my mind. Taking care of my family, being a great mom, giving my clients the memories of a lifetime and not losing my mind...that is a TALL order. But in 2018...I did it. I found my stride, my flow, my heart and my soul. I took a TON of learning seminars, I tried new things and poses, I met many new clients and old clients became closer friends. This year, my business became not just a business of taking photos but an art of combining my love of capturing memories and giving a more personal experience for my people. 
      2019 is going to more of the same but some much more NEW. I will bring the same fun to sessions, the same natural smiles and the same excitement but I will also be working on new ways to capture those natural and candid memories. I will be offering new types of sessions and pushing my artistic creativity to new levels. I will let my heart play with my clients hearts to capture those ever fleeting moments we have. 

     Lastly, I want to thank EVERY SINGLE one of my clients that have trusted me with their memories. I take my job more than serious and know that your pictures that you display and show, mean the world to you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for an amazing 2018 and here is to the best 2019 ever! Enjoy some of my favorite pics from 2018!!! 

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