Oh Baby!!! | Personal Post

Oh baby….this post is directed at all the women out there that have ever felt their ovaries physically yearn for fertilization. Today…this happened to me. I have done four newborn photo sessions in a row (ummm…what was going on 9 months ago that i missed?) and the parents at my session today had to practically pry their baby out of my arms. I want!!!

My husband and I made that decision after our last baby (whom is going to be 3 in February) that we were done having kids. No more. no mas. fin. two is our magic number and i know deep deep down our family is complete. but every now and then I wonder what life would be like if we decided to have more kids. Besides needing a bigger car, bigger house, bigger dining room table not to mention another chair for said bigger table…we would need more income, someone to come baby sit not two but three kids (the two we have now already freak out grandma and grandpa.) Life would have to drastically change. But it would be worth it right? 

I come from a family of three kids. I am the oldest with two younger brothers. We weren't always best buds…we went through the standard, annoying, hateful, back to annoying feelings for each other. But looking back I couldn't imagine my life without those two guys. They are now my best friends, my protectors, my secret keepers and the best uncles to my boys. 

I know I am not the only one who has ever asked the question of “how do i know when my family is complete.” it is a difficult question. One only you and your spouse can answer. But even when you think you know how do you reeeeeeeally know??? 


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