Sunday...The Day I Survived ( but the Broncos didn't) | Personal Post

Does anyone ever get in bed after a long day of watching the Broncos lose again, eating crappy food and having been yelling at their naughty children literally all day…and wonder….what. the. h*LL was that all about??? What did I do today that benefited myself or the children or the world? I yelled! Alot! They are currently in their rooms crying about the repercussions of their behavior and I am ready to drive to the liquor store and down a bottle of anything! 

This year instead of popping Xanax I am taking a different approach. I am starting to research the benefits of essential oils (more on that later!), I am making a REAL resolution to make exercise a party of my daily routine and I am learning how to Let. It. Go. …Let it Goooooooooo. 

I don’t pretend to know anything about being a good parent. I wish I could be as awesome and fit as my pinterest board is. I pray daily for a winning football team. But the struggle is real folks. Just getting by is OK! Laying in bed and patting yourself on the back for not killing your children is ok! Not throwing all of your husbands clothes out on the lawn because he laid there while you struggled with the children is a huge win for you! Not eating all dozen doughnuts only 11 of them…Ill take it! 

Moms. cut yourselves some slack. do what you need to do to get by. You are doing A GREAT job!

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